The invincible Death-Rae fires a beam of pure righteousness into the hearts of assholes everywhere. Known as R.A.E. (Right About Everything), this particular model of Death-Rae has chosen to use this power for good, but only for a chosen few- the loyal followers who read this blog. RAE is not responsible in the event of your mind being blown out the back of your skull from the sheer magnitude of the awesomeness contained herein, and suggests certain safety precautions: 1) fucking relax and 2) stop taking everything so seriously. And if something pisses you off, before you go raving about it to the whistling void of virtual readers, stop and ask yourself why you are so pissed off. Figure out how to best express it (I find the work “fuck” to be very useful in these situations), and let’er rip in the comments section. Be warned, however: the Death-Rae is listening and has your parents’ phone number.

*visual approximation


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